L’univers de Ludovic de Saint Sernin en 3 mots ?

Love, Sex and Freedom


Quel est ton rapport au digital ?

Digital is everything to us. As a young designer I’ve built a strong community around my brand through digital communication. Throughout the years I’ve seen my followers become clients, and through digital I’ve created a bond with them.


Quand as tu créé ta marque et pourquoi est arrivé le besoin de faire appel à une agence digitale ?

I founded my brand, four years ago. Initially I used to sell everything through Instagram directly myself, so we mainly depended on the wholesale business and on a small quantity. Of online sales I was making through Paypal. When the COVID pandemic hit we realized we needed to be much more independent and that our business needed to have a strong e-commerce. Thats how we started working with NFBS. In less than two month we had a website running that could host my e-commerce and this gave us the power of being independent and saved my brand during the hard tile we had to go through.


Comment Shopify a changé votre façon de faire du e-commerce ?

Shopify changed everything! Before using Shopify. We had to do a lot of things manually, and once we started using Shopify we realized how much time we were saving and how much faster things could be ran.


Quand et comment votre relation de travail s’est-elle installée avec NFBS ?

Ludovic was part of the IFM label course and was put in touch with Xavier, from all the credits available Ludovic thought that getting in touch with Xavier to work on a new website would be the most useful for the company. Indeed from there the relationship was born and after the course ended they continued working together.


En 3 mots, travailler avec NFBS ?

Efficient, reassuring, and comfortable

Ludovic de Saint Sernin x NBFS

Concrètement, qu’est ce qui a changé depuis l’arrivée de NFBS chez Ludovic de Saint Sernin?

Well for us there is a very clear before and after because before we had no proper e-commerce and after we now are running a website that is actually a business. It grew our company and it allowed us to reach many more people and clients.


Un rêve digital à réaliser ensemble ?

We see our website as an ever-evolving thing and with NFBS we feel like we have a partner that will help us to grow and to make sure our e-commerce can host our brand in the best way possible. The most important thing about working with someone with. Such experience is that it allows you to always move up to the next level together.